Friday, June 19, 2009

Creating Art on Post-Notes


Jon Valle-Iturriaga Albors said...

Bonito trabajo.

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

U are so very talented.
U blow me away!

JackiesMagic said...

Amazing! I can do that! In fact.. You've inspired me! I woke up inspired to move forward with a personal project.. and the energy to design a simple plan to market and implement it. I thought .. where can I can to get inspiration! Tag! You're it! My inspiration for the day! Awesome!

JackiesMagic said...

P.S. What pen did you use to draw these? Sharpies? I want to try it!

creativedarocha said...

Gracias Jon, Trato de hacer algo differente.

Tabitha, thank you very much, I try to come up with different things but mostly I'm inspired by words or thoughts of the moment!

Jackie, your always making me smile with your kind words and I'm very grateful that I can be your source of inspiration:)

Go and create Art and don't think that art has to be perfect. The art of doodling, no matter if it's on post-notes, on a paper or anything else, it's about letting it go and not knowing how it's going to come out! And yes, I do use sharpies.